As we everyone knows that collection of photos is very valuable to everyone. But the collection is very standard nowadays. What if we collect snaps differently. At present we have a lot of snaps. So we used them in a different way like a " Snapbook". With so many pages in snap book layouts, there's lots of room can make theme-based snap boom, for a special person for the whole life of one every different scenes of life in different fashions. And the most important thing is you can use this scrapbook for graduation scrapbooks, birthday scrapbook, wedding scrapbook and so on.

In this digital era, everyone is using a smartphone and is a part of different social media. Some social media save our snaps for a lifetime which is very precious to us. And they made digital snap books too. But they are digital we can't touch them. In the era full of drama we always love our precious and good old days. We always keep them to feel these days again. Because they are very valuable to us and everyone.

When we often our old albums we found a new space with our old snaps we feel them again. We live those days again. This is what i like about photographs they are proof that one, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.